In the course of our business, clients often request our assistance to develop leadership skills for their team. We have, therefore, developed specialized tools and services to address these challenges in executive management:

Talent and Succession Planning – Planning success in a business or public organization requires insight and a carefully crafted needs analysis. Affex Executive Search offers such planning and development tools to better identify and address future human resource needs.

Leadership Development – Leadership development is one of the most significant – and rewarding – challenges in business or public administration. Affex Executive Search offers training to improve leadership abilities for middle and senior management.

Individual Coaching– Senior, middle or new managers often require individualized coaching assistance to better address human resource challenges. Affex Executive Search offers executive coaching assistance which is adapted to the needs of each business or public organization.

Leadership Workshop – Team work and group learning have become essential professional development tools not only to increase individual abilities but also to improve team performance and team building. Affex Executive Search offers leadership workshops to strengthen individual and group leadership.